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About Pepper

What is Pepper?

Pepper plants are climbers which grow to a height or length of 10 m or more. When its main stem is established, it grows lots of side shoots to create a bushy column. The plant requires a long rainy season, fairly high temperatures, and partial shade for best growth.

Black pepper from AGS Aboorvam Food Products, is directly collected from the land of spices of Kollimalai. Black pepper, its native is south India especially from Kollimalai’s hilly area. It is very good for Indian cuisine. Black pepper is very useful for spicy foods and medicines. Our black pepper is very spice and very black and hard. The powder from these black pepper is very spicy and can use in different south Indian and north Indian food preparation. Black pepper and it powder is an important spice in every kitchen.

What is Pepper

What is Kolli Hills?

What is Kolli Hills?

Kolli Hills or Kolli Malai is a small mountain range located in central Tamil Nadu and spreaded over the Namakkal district of India. The mountains rise to 1300m in height and cover an area of approximately 280 km². They are part of the Eastern Ghats, which is a mountain range that runs mostly parallel to the east coast of South India.

Black pepper comes from the pepper plant, which are grown in hilly area of Tamilnadu –Namakkal districts (Kollimalai). These spices are directly procured from farmers those who are not using any kind chemical fertilizers in their farming activities. This pepper is very useful to prepare spicy food and improving digestion.

What is Kolli Hills famous for?

One of the early and native crops of India is Pepper and it would date back to early 1900 in our farms in Kolli hills of Tamil Nadu. Kolli Malai is a well-known pepper growing regions. It’s grown in the kolli hills, an area inundated by abundant rainfall.

Many spices are grown there, from cardamom to clove, and are most respected for their health properties, and many of the products grown in the region are used in Ayurvedic medicine. The kolli hills gives this pepper a lot of character: plenty of aroma and a heavy bite. Great for a fan of hot peppers with a unique strong and lingering bite.

Kolli Hills Pepper

Kolli Hills Pepper is a flowering vine in the family Piperaceae, cultivated for its fruit, known as a peppercorn, which is usually dried and used as a spice and seasoning. When fresh and fully mature, it is about minimum 4 mm in diameter and dark red, and contains a single seed, like all drupes.

In India over 75 varieties or cultivars of pepper are grown. Karimunda is the most popular traditional variety among them which is grown in Kolli hills. It gives 3-5 kg fresh berries per vine. It is a regular bearer and grows well in homestead gardens. It gives high quality pepper.

Kolli Hills Pepper

Black Pepper Processing:

  • Fruiting spikes are harvested when fruits are fully grown but still green and shiny.
  • Fruit spikes are left in heaps overnight for fermentation.
  • The next morning, the mass of spikes are usually spread out to dry in the sun for about a week.
  • They are raked regularly to help them dry out.