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India is the Largest Producer of Sesame Seeds which is wealthy in Proteins, Carbohydrates and Nutrition. It is utilized in Confectionary, Bakery Industry and is likewise known for its therapeutic qualities. Sesame seeds is sent out as Natural, Hulled, Roasted and in Oil form.

We AGS ABOORVAM rice and chekku oils from India sends out normal sesame seeds all things considered reasonable costs and into best quality pieces.

The characteristic sesame seeds items had a lot of medical advantages that makes you generally solid and fit. Likewise they are plentiful in fundamental supplements and minerals including calcium, protein, iron, magnesium, phosphorous and nutrient B1.

We are solid exporters of sesame seeds in India checking every item on various quality boundaries before it is given to end-clients or clients.

We offer exceptionally cleaned Natural Black Sesame Seeds. Common Black Sesame Seeds are for the most part utilized for therapeutic reason and flavorings on different pastry shop items. The high nutritious characteristics of sesame seed are firmly considered and they are included a few plates, servings of mixed greens and dressings. They are sprinkled on a few assortments of vegetables, noodles and furthermore can be utilized in pie outside layers just as a substitute for nuts. Besides it very well may be embellished on different starters or as fresh covering on different food items.

The Japanese name for dark sesame seed is Kura Goma. It conveys therapeutic properties and it is along these lines fitting to take them crude or cooked or its oil to relieve some of human diseases.

The characteristic dark sesame seeds which we offer are cautiously cleaned.

Sesame Seeds Products Uses

  • Sesame powder is commonly utilized with hand crafted breads and adds nutty flavor to recipes.
  • Helps in forestalling Diabetes
  • Contains liganens, cell reinforcements and polyphenols.
  • Increases HDL Cholesterol level and lessens LDL (Bad) Cholesterol levels as it contains Phytosterols that helps in blocking Bad Cholesterol production
  • Natural Sesame Seeds have a lot of therapeutic advantages and great to shield liver from oxidative damage.
  • Protects heart's wellbeing and lessens BP (Blood Pressure)
  • Sesame seeds are useful for solid cooking and furthermore rewarded appropriate for serving of mixed greens oils and margarine
  • Its against malignancy mixes like Magnesium, Phytosterols & Phytic corrosive forestalls cancer
  • Contains top notch protein and fiber for appropriate digestion
  • Highly suggested for those with shortcoming & anaemia
  • Protects DNA from radiation damage
  • Boosts oral wellbeing, eye and respiratory health
  • Helps in calming joint pain, forestalling Osteoporosis and ensuring bone health
  • It can be utilized for rewarding maladies like cerebral pain or migraine

Sesame Seeds specification chart:

Black Sesame, Hulled Sesame, Roasted Sesame
Common Name
Scientific Name
Sesamum Indicum Indian
Western India & South India
99/1, 98/2, 99/5
5% - 6% Maximum
1% Maximum
FFA(Free Fatty Acid)
1% - 2% Maximum
Oil Content
48% Minimum
99.1%, 98.2%, 95.5%, 99.90%, 99.95%, 99.98%

Packing and Shipping Details:

Packing Size
75/50/25 Kgs, HDPE/PP Bags 75/50/25 Kgs - Multi-ply paper /plastic bags 25/15 Kgs
Packing Material
PP(Poly Propylene) Woven Bags, Jute(Gunny) Bags
Our brand name is AGS ABOORVAM and we are agreeable for private labelling also
Load Ability
19 MT in a 20 Feet Container
Minimum Order Quantity
1 Ton - 10 Ton Maximum
Port of Loading
Chennai sea port in India.
Shipping Term
On FOB & CIF as per Inco terms 2010 required by the customers.
At the loading port before shipment by our Indian Government Authorized Inspection Agency and in case the buyers like to have certification by SGS, we are agreeable. The Loading Port inspection is final and binding both the Seller and Buyer.
Payment Gurantee
100% irrevocable, Auto–Revolving Documentary Letter of Credit (ARDLC), covering one month’ quantity and operational for the contract term, issued or confirmed by a authorized bank of your nation, negotiable and payable at Seller’s Bank 100% at sight upon delivery at Port of Destination, against presentation SGS report and shipping documents stated in the contract at the Buyer’s bank.
Payment Terms
Payments should be made as 80% advance by online transfer(T/T) through Buyer’s bank to Seller’s Bank. and 20% balance has to be transferred once the goods are ready for delivery at the origin port.
Delivery Period
First delivery within 30/45 DAYS after verification/acceptance of the ARDLC, and thereafter every 30 days until the total quantity has been delivered.However for large quantities the shipping schedule shall be discussed Mutually.