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The most common and widely used spice for seasoning throughout the world is pepper. It is delicious and helps enhance the flavor of anything it is sprinkled on. The origins of this berry are as delicious and complex as its flavor. Although it is native to the Malabar region of India, yet the nostrils of Ramses the Great were found filled with it (1303-1213 BC).Proof that it was used in the mummification process.

There is archeological proof that pepper has been in use since 2000 BC and also text has been found that show trade of pepper from India to the Greeks and the Romans. Romans soon started making it a part of almost 80% of its recipes.

Spices have been a specialty to our cuisine ever since the time of our fore fathers. Who knows better than the people from the land of rich culture and the best hospitality, of the different flavors and tastes that one would relish and never forget for the rest of their lives? In our country all the spices are hand grown carefully without disrupting the natural composition. Each of the processes are carried out with much care. It’s not without all these efforts that India is named to be the largest exporter of spices.

Black pepper is one of the most commonly used commodities in each of the households. It’s called as milagu in Tamil. It adds taste to each dish which also gives color to the saying variety is the spice of life.

Black pepper makes the list of worlds healthiest foods, this is due to the abundant nutrients found in this spice. This tiny berry is an excellent source of vitamin K, Calcium, Chromium, Iron, fiber and manganese. The best and most flavorful way of enjoying black pepper is to sprinkle it on top of any savory dish using a pepper mill. It is recommended to add pepper to any dish you prefer towards the end of the cooking process. Black pepper is such a universal spice that its use is found in almost all cuisines.

Black pepper is also used for medicinal purposes and widely used in smoking cessation treatments.

When a natural ingredient is put through too many processes it loses its natural substratum and will only act as a flavoring agent.

Health benefits Black Pepper:

  • Fighting Depression
  • Promoting digestion
  • Helping with nutrient absorption
  • Treating ulcers
  • Supporting weight loss
  • Treating cough and sore throat
  • Promoting a health heart
  • Soothing toothaches
  • Preventing gray hair
  • Treating arthritis
  • Enhancing the skin.

Our sources of black peppers are from the finest, traditional farms of the south who are experts in growing and sustaining the freshness and purity of the peppers.

We AGS Aboorvam Food Products are reliable exporters of Black pepper in India checking the product on different quality parameters before it is given to end-users or clients.

We offer highly cleaned Natural Black pepper corns with the wholesomeness to you.

Pepper specification chart:

Common Name
Scientific Name
Piper nigrum
South India
Black pepper, White pepper
Free Flowing
Pungent biting taste
10% - 12% Maximum
Total Ash
6% - 7% Maximum
Acid insoluble ash
1% - 1.2% Maximum
Non-Volatile Ether extract
5% - 5.5% Maximum
Crude fiber
16% - 18% Maximum
Volatile Oil
2% Minimum
5% Minimum

Packing and Shipping Details:

Packing Size
20KG/25KG/50KG Gross One 20' FCL can load 20MTS 400 Bags - 50Kg / 800 Bags - 25Kg / 1000 Bags - 20Kg
Packing Material
PP(Poly Propylene) Bags, Jute(Gunny) Bags, Vacuum Pack, Cocoon Pack
Our brand name is AGS ABOORVAM and we are agreeable for private labelling also
Load Ability
19 MT in a 20 Feet Container
Minimum Order Quantity
Western India & South India
Port of Loading
Chennai sea port in India.
Shipping Term
On FOB & CIF as per Inco terms 2010 required by the customers.
At the loading port before shipment by our Indian Government Authorized Inspection Agency and in case the buyers like to have certification by SGS, we are agreeable. The Loading Port inspection is final and binding both the Seller and Buyer.
Payment Gurantee
100% irrevocable, Auto–Revolving Documentary Letter of Credit (ARDLC), covering one month’ quantity and operational for the contract term, issued or confirmed by a authorized bank of your nation, negotiable and payable at Seller’s Bank 100% at sight upon delivery at Port of Destination, against presentation SGS report and shipping documents stated in the contract at the Buyer’s bank.
Payment Terms
Payments should be made as 80% advance by online transfer(T/T) through Buyer’s bank to Seller’s Bank. and 20% balance has to be transferred once the goods are ready for delivery at the origin port.
Delivery Period
First delivery within 30/45 DAYS after verification/acceptance of the ARDLC, and thereafter every 30 days until the total quantity has been delivered.However for large quantities the shipping schedule shall be discussed Mutually.